Gig prep

Jonathon came over and we talked and rehearsed. As usual I enjoyed it. He asked me to do four or five songs. He’s going to play along. He likes the new song, “Deja vu” and I guess we’re going to do it. He also wants me to play with him on his song, “Everything is Fine.” This is the tune he invited to play on his CD. He also told me he has enough material for 2 new CDs. He is thinking of adding “Bye Bye Blackbird.” We played that for a while today. He requested “Fricking Trains” and “Moneyland.” The others will probably be “Naked Boy” and “So Many People.” It really is an honor to be asked to play on his last gig at Holland. It’s funny, I’m sort of feeling like this might be my last coffee house gig as well. We’ll see. Maybe someone will invite me. So far that has only been Matt from Lemonjellos, bless his heart. The Perfect Cup people invited me once but I don’t think they’ll have me back because of my poor draw. Or maybe they just don’t like the music. That’s fair.

Jonathon gave me a poster. There is supposed to be some yellow behind the sock puppets but I can’t get my scanner to pick it up.

ps Thanks go to Sarah for helping me get the yellow into this poster…

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