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Eileen and I had a very productive day yesterday. We met with representatives from Hospice of Holland in Mom’s room at the nursing home where she is now. That process is now set in motion. Mom seems more comfortable than she did anyway, but this team will now be on hand to assure she receives comfort care. We meet today with the actual care team. I’m assuming that will be the nurse I spoke to on the phone, plus a doctor and a social worker or some combination like that. The hospice doctor is coincidentally the same doctor that Resthaven has assigned to Mom.

We came home and plunged into the paperwork tasks ahead of us. Eileen found the title to Mom’s car in our files. We need this for the Medicaid app. I gathered information about Mom’s pension for that app as well. I found a form online to apply to become Mom’s Social Security Representative. Technically Mom is applying for me to do so. Eileen helped me fill this out. We’ll ask Mom to sign it today and drop it off at the Social Security office here in Holland.

We need this in order for me to straighten out the mess I made with Social Security last year by failing to submit the annual changes in the amount of Mom’s pension so that Social Security can adjust her monthly allotment accordingly. When I discovered the error, I immediately took steps to provide the info needed. That was in December or even earlier.  Up until yesterday morning we had not heard from them.  We need to provide the amount that Social Security pays Medicare for Mom’s insurance on the Medicaid app.

Confusing, n’est pas?

By lunchtime I felt like we had accomplished a good amount. I decided I would go exercise. But before I did that, just for giggles I checked Mom’s bank account online. Social Security had made a deposit into Mom’s account resuming her monthly payment and also reimbursing for the month’s that went unpaid during this period. This is an immense relief.

Yay! as Rev Jen said in a subsequent email exchange with me about this.

Today is also a day to get shit done. We will continue with the app for Social Security Representative. I also have to run down info on the annuity that Dad had and Mom inherited for the Medicaid app.

Plus I have assigned myself the task of canceling all Mom’s services that she is no longer using like her phone, paper, and other stuff.

Soon we will contact Two Men and Truck for an estimate for clearing Mom’s room at Maplewood.

I think we are on schedule. We can’t really submit the Medicaid app until Mom has drained her bank account paying for her current care. She just received a substantial amount form Social Security which will extend this time from a couple of weeks to more like a month.


NYTimes: Most House Salads Are Terrible. Make Yours Shockingly Superb.

I like reading about food and food prep. Plus I’m a salad man, so I found this engaging.

NYTimes: Lucali Salad Recipe – NYT Cooking

linked recipe to above article I bookmarked for future reference

NYTimes: Honduras Police Arrest Executive in Killing of Berta Cáceres, Indigenous Activist

Activism can get you killed.

NYTimes: Suspect Detained in Killing of the Indian Journalist Gauri Lankesh

so can journalism

NYTimes: Philando Castile Charity Pays Off Lunch Debt for Hundreds of Students

using a senseless death for a constructive outcome that honors the way Castile lived

I am fan of this actress. I’m glad that she won an Oscar for her stunning performance in “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

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  1. We heard Vasen play in Bloomington – there is a huge world music festival there each spring, and a friend of mine who was into Eastern European music told me to check them out. It was 20 years ago, and for some reason they looked younger… But they are pretty amazing players!

    1. I think it’s very cool that you heard this group live. They popped up on my YouTube subscription feed which I happen to check.

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