getting ready to leave


I have a busy day planned with lots of last minute details in prepping for leaving for vacation tomorrow. I’m planning to make pesto ahead; marinade the veggies for the Greek salad; grocery shop; get Mom ready for our absence by stocking her up with stuff; prep the church arena by submitting bulletin info, putting in for my sub’s check, posting the fucking hymns.

Eileen is having breakfast with the rest of the alto section this morning.

All this is to say today’s blog is short for these reasons.

How American Politics Became So Ineffective – The Atlantic

I am put off when pundits lump together Trump and Sanders.  I haven’t finished this essay yet. » Blog Archive » Trusties and Suspies: Knowing Your Place in the New U.S.A.

Rick Perlstein, historian and journalist I follow, put this link up on Faceboogie. I think it makes sense to sort out the actual fucking issues the way this commentator does.

Diplomat’s Death Reignites Debate Over China’s Role in the World – The New York Times

Significant change in the conversation. Yikes.

What Would Trump Fascism Look Like?

Speaking of historians, here is a fascinating look at the ramifications of the Trump candidacy by historian Al Carroll.

 European Leaders Tell a Dazed Britain to Get Going on ‘Brexit’ – The New York Times

A couple of solid articles synopsizing and reporting on this.

 This guy played with George Clinton of funk fame AND Talking Heads. What’s not to like?


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