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Warning, dear reader. My daughter Sarah is considering updating my wordpress version of software I use to make this blog. She thinks it might “break” the blog. So if sometime you come here and the blog refuses to load or something, know that we are working on restoring it as soon as we can.

Also chatting with Sarah online yesterday she mentioned that this blog doesn’t load well on her Ipad. As different devices like smart phones and pads proliferate, my experience is that the ease of their compatibility diminishes. Eileen is often checking stuff on her phone or kindle fire and is unable to interface with it as efficiently as a simple computer browser.

This leads me to one of my complaints: that people who are designing all this stuff don’t actually design it for users. Rather they design for themselves and people like them.

Case in point. Remember the old toggle switch approach to activating technology?

Like turning on a radio or record player?

Now every access to a devise requires multiple interaction to get it to do simple things like play music or read an article.

When I was complaining about Windows 8 logon screen, my brother who is a high volume tech user said he was used to logging on to many devices.

But it still buy diazepam online australia makes me crazy that if I shut my laptop for a minute and then decide I need to return to it, I have to give it a password. This is nonsensical to me.

Also I listen to the radio and audio books quite a bit with computers. Often I wish I had a old fashioned radio to just turn on when the computer does its usual balking or mutlilayer resistance to simply playing the radio or audiobook.

And while I’m bitching, I love Windows propensity to just assume that now is the time I have to stop everything and update. Good grief.

I understand the security concerns behind these measures, I just find it a bit contradictory that when I need to use a tool, first I have to take maintenance steps, not just occasionally but frequently. I hope its just buggy aspects of this kind of tech that will fade a bit over time. But I’m not too optimistic about it.

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