Friday post


Friday afternoon in Holland, Michigan, it’s rainy and cold.

I exercised to this video this morning.

It’s kind of long. I thought that though he is a little too much into the economic metaphors for life, he had some interesting observations. It helped me get through my morning routine.

I went to practice organ before¬† my shrink appointment. He changed the time to a bit later than usual so I had forty minutes or so. I am going to have to practice organ more because I have upcoming presentations and have also scheduled some cool pieces for upcoming services. I am enjoying spending time at the instrument. I still can’t believe this excellent, world class instrument is at my disposable.

I had a good session with my therapist this morning. He helped me see that while I don’t identify with groups in quite the way many people do, that I do have a sort of tribe. This consists of family and a few friends.

My violinist texted me and my cellist that she needed to cancel our rescheduled meeting. I didn’t see the text until about ten minutes after we were to meet. No worries. I has hungry so I went home and had lunch.

I am planning on walking over to Hope for a 4:30 PM master class with¬†Pedrito Martinez, percussion, and pianist Alfredo Rodriguez, the performers I am planning to go hear this evening. I’m meeting Scott and Barb Anderson for drinks and food before the concert.

I miss Eileen but life is good.

Radiohead Public Library

Apparently Radiohead is now making all their music available for free online. Cool.

NYTimes: Architect of C.I.A. Interrogation Program Testifies

This guy is still among the deluded.


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