Friday morning wheel spinning and dire predictions


I got  up a little late this morning and have even less time than usual to blog.

I spent a couple hours of my morning off yesterday looking for a credit card. I thought I had misplaced it. It was actually tucked in between some leaves of the ledger of my Mom’s check book. I ransacked the house, then drove around retracing my steps since Monday which was the last time I had used it. All the while, I was carrying it with me unbeknownst.


I am finding watching the debacle in Washington D.C. right now very disheartening. The shutdown of our government is now at day four. I tweeted my representative (Huizenga). I’m not sure if he is one of the Tea Party crazies who are bringing the government to its knees, but I know he votes the party line (as do most if not all Republicans in the House).

I know that the left (the side I tend to agree more with) is also very flawed. But its hard not to see the actions of a small number of not so bright Representatives as a move (misstep, hopefully) by the far right. It plays into President Obama’s hands. But it also is slowly unraveling our infrastructure. I fear in the next few weeks especially if the debt limit is not routinely raised, we as a country may reach a point where it will be hard to repair this damage.

Eileen continues to be miserable in her job. She is talking with MERS (the people who handle the retirement of library workers) about her options. She asked for a couple more days off around her trip to California. I fear it’s all too little too late and that one day soon she will come home from work and tell me she quit.

This will be doable as long as I continue to pull in a little money. But date night will have to look different, as will our list of weekly bills. We can do some serious trimming and stay fat and happy, I’m pretty sure.

Unless of course the far right fucks up the country (and the global economy) so bad that those of us who are not rich will be scrambling to survive.

If we end up on the street, I think we’ll have to move somewhere warmer.

3 thoughts on “Friday morning wheel spinning and dire predictions

  1. Take comfort in knowing that at least you will always have a home in sunny warm California should you decide to go homeless….that is… long as I have a home.

  2. The dude gladly and thoughtfully abides by the unwritten laws of offspring dutiful considerations…..

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