Fourth of July w/o Ives… bah…

So I started out all gung-ho to tweak my present blog set-up this morning even though I plan to totally revamp it sometime soon. But I was instantly stumped by WordPress’s templates. Bah. Oh well. I wanted to add a line to the top of the site that defines me a bit more. Something like “musing of a composer and lover of words.” And I will change it eventually. But today I don’t have the patience.

Instead I am doing some straightening of my much more sloppier than usual house.

I was in the mood for Charles Ives. Then I discovered I hadn’t ripped any of my orchestral CDs of his. Then I discovered I couldn’t find the CDs. Damn Damn. So I threw on a Simon Rattle Cd and was delighted that the first track was “La création du monde.” Recently I was scowering my recorded music collection and couldn’t find any Milhaud. Cool. Jordan and I are playing a movement from his Scaramouce on Sunday. I quite like this suite and am interested in hearing and studying more Milhaud.

Maybe I will avail myself of the many online listening places so I can hear some orchestral Ives today. Or maybe I will find the CDs straightening the living room. Very possible.

Anyway, happy fourth!

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