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There are some days I get up and feel a lack of confidence in my abilities. I suspect my friends and colleagues of seeing me as inept as I sometimes see myself. I know this is a condition of over sensitivity, but I still get to live through these feelings and must ignore them. No matter. I have already spent time this morning with the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book and my $50 synth harpsichord.

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I put volume 2 of the Virginal book on my tablet. It will automatically scroll through a piece of music as I play. The trick is finding the correct setting for a piece. With pieces in the Fitzwilliam Virginal book, this is tricky. Essentially almost all of the pieces in this work are theme and variations. The themes take up far less page space than the intricate variations. So you can see that if one has to set a scroll speed this can be somewhat problematic.

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Despite my fatigue, the piano trio rehearsal went well yesterday. These two players are extremely kind to me and are currently indulging the way I would like to use them at Sunday Eucharists in the basement on a regular basis.

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It turns out that the Tomkins “Sad paven” will take more prep than one rehearsal. So I asked the trio to play some pretty easy music this weekend instead. We will do a little arrangement of one of the slow movements of “Winter” by Vivaldi from his “Seasons.”

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Then we landed on two movements of a Corelli sonata for the following Sunday.

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They sound pretty cool and I pulled them off the internet so no need to put them into Finale docs.

The violinist had some ideas about how I could make a better score for her for my piece, “Stirred Hearts and Souls.” She played from a full score Sunday which meant that she had to spread music over two music stands. I enjoy editing and making music notation so that will be fun.

I have been too busy this week to practice organ although i now have keys to Hope Reformed Church and St. Francis and permission to duck in and practice 24 hours a day as long as the room is empty. I must get to one today. I think I will try St. Francis first because I keep fantasizing about playing some of the Fitzwilliam Virginal book pieces on the little tracker that sitting there.


I’m back to reading Nabokov’s novel, Pale Fire. I read in this book as a kid but never finished it. Now I have an ebook copy.

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I hope today will be a day of recuperation for me. I’m already feeling a bit tired this morning, but not like yesterday.


5 Best Books of 2017 So Far – Best Books of February 2017

This page has an annoying pop up. All you have to do to get rid of it is click on “I don’t read.”

Neil Gorsuch and the Search for the Supreme Court Mainstream – The New York Times

Linda Greenhouse writes about the moving Supreme Court mainstream. Probably we are watching the entire mainstream situation plunge into the abyss. I watched PBS Newshour last night and it was hard not to think that instead of “committing journalism,” they are enabling and normalizing the Dark Time of Trump. Fuckers.

Executive Orders |

I’ve got to start reading these things.

 I mostly bookmarked this to learn more about the “Genius” web annotator.

Genius Web Annotator | Genius

Looks interesting but I haven’t signed up yet.


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