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Ebb and flow by jupiterjenkins

Finished this composition yesterday. Linda Graham came by and seemed to think it was okay. I sent off the scores to the musicians and  made 3 Midi recordings including the one above and emailed them to Linda for use in rehearsals with her dancers.

I made a version without repeated sections and one with repeated sections. Also, Linda requested one that was just the repeated rhythmic section at the end repeated over and over.


In order to make even a crappy MP3 midi version of the piece I had to specially alter the score so it would make the random sounds and trills that I was instructing the players to make at certain point.


This morning before uploading it to Soundcloud, I put a fadeout at the end.

I guess I’ll put it up on Facebook. I pretty much abhor self-promotion. But I think it’s silly not to share when several people seemed interested in the first movement when I put it up.

I also got my Mom back and forth to the Pain doctor yesterday. Despite the fact that I have tried to connect this office with Maplewood Resthaven where Mom lives, they instructed Mom to stop by a pharmacy and pick up a prescription. One of the things I am very happy about Maplewood is that they have professional staff to dispense Mom’s drugs.

After a little discussion with the pain doctor staff, they gave me a prescription to give to the nurse staff at Maplewood. I have had difficulty with this office. I’m a little leery of how easily this doctor gives meds to his patients and don’t really have confidence that he is monitoring its interaction with other meds the patient is taking. Plus he unreasonably (in my opinion) insists that anyone driving a patient wait for the entire 2 1/2 hour appointment in the waiting room so there will be someone to assist them when they are groggy from his injections. I always tell my Mom I will come and wait for for an hour or so but not the full time. She can always call me on my cell if she needs me before that. Medical people like this make me crazy. But they have the patient at a disadvantage, so I just put up with it as long as there’s no harm to Mom.

I also picked hymns and organ music for this Sunday yesterday. By the end of the day I was exhausted again. Sheesh.

Eileen and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary by going out to breakfast together. We’re going to continue celebrating this evening and go out to eat. It’s what we like to do.  Heh.

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  1. I listened to your music. I think the choreography will add to the overall impact of the piece.

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