Finished Finnegan


This morning I finished the third section of Finnegans Wake. This means technically I have now read the entire work. Last Fall, I began reading the fourth section. When I finished it, I immediately began the book again. This makes some sense. The last sentence of the book is completed in the opening passage.

I plan to continue reading this book. It’s an amazing and hilarious read.

I was tickled to see that George Saunders has a short story in The New Yorker Magazine for this week.

It came in the mail yesterday and I immediately read it. I do like this guy. He’s just warped enough for me. The story is called “Mother’s Day” and revolves around two equally repellent women and their relationship to their off spring.

Speaking of family, I ran across an idea this morning in Burgess’s book on Finnegans Wake that I’m not sure I had thought much about before.

Speaking of the blurring of lines in the narrative in Finnegans Wake, Burgess says that “wars are merely a vast projection of family conflict.” Having thought a bit about how families work, I hadn’t really connected family dysfunction to war. I’ll have to ponder that.

Eileen has been ill since Sunday night. She has stayed in bed. I have made sure she has what she needs during this period. I have been recuperating myself from my crazy weekend. Usually by now, I am more rested than I am this morning.

My friend, Rhonda, has invited me over to her house this morning. I texted her to let me know when she’s ready for company. In the meantime, I will wait and see how Eileen’s morning unfolds. If she’s not up and Rhonda texts me, I will text her (Eileen) to let me know when she’s awake and I will return to make her breakfast.

If she needs me before Rhonda texts then I will hang around here this morning nursing her.

I was disappointed that by afternoon yesterday I didn’t have energy for the two mile walk back and forth to Mom’s and also go to the bank and the grocery store.

I had to opt for the latter because we were out of Chicken Noodle Soup. When Eileen is ill, she often lives on Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup. I have to have some of that in the house.

We have staff meeting today at church. Then I have choir this evening. I have three new anthems to “stuff” in choir slots. Eileen was going to do this for me, but I’m not sure she will go to choir tonight.

John Kerry keeps calling the Islamic State ‘apostates.’ Maybe he should stop. – The Washington Post

Words and meaning matter. After reading this article, I understand why it might not be a good idea for a Western Non-Muslim to use the term, apostate, for terrorists.

 I’ve never been impressed with Supreme Court Justice Thomas. I like to think it’s not just because we are on different political wave lengths. I can remember his nomination hearing. I also remember reading about it. I think he’s kind of kooky.

Closing Arguments Given in Key Voter Rights Trial – The New York Times

I find it unconscionable, that one political side has decided that limiting the right to vote will help them. Fuck that.

This video was on Fakebook yesterday. I am definitely closer to agreeing with Sanders than any other candidate.



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