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I finished reading Song of Solomon last night. It is a an amazing, beautiful. complex book. Like any good book, it’s left me thinking and continuing to return to it.

Today, I resumed my Monday routine of submitting music for Grace’s bulletin. I think the vacation has helped me immensely. Right now I have more perspective than ever about my work in the church.  This will probably ebb, but it’s helpful to come to my senses occasionally. My plan is lay low this week, do a bit of prep to reassure myself I can play Sunday, and then begin planning in earnest next week. That should work.

David Ignatius: Debaters seemed eerily like America-First Democrats

Ignatius was invited by Prose and Politics to interview Elliot Akerman about his new book, Places and names. (link to YouTube of this discussion) In his introduction, Bradley Graham, co-owner of the store, refers to Ignatius’s reporting in the Washington Post as indispensable to understanding our times (not an exact quote). I Immediately put Ignatious on my Google alerts. This showed up in my box and is an interesting read.

Public Thread breathes new life into West Michigan’s discarded textiles

I think is cool.

NYTimes: Satire or Deceit? Christian Humor Site Feuds With Snopes.

I tend to “follow” stuff pretty randomly on Facebook. I follow both of these websites on Facebook. I didn’t realize that Babylon Bee was a “Christian Humor Site.” That’s a tribute to them, I think.

NYTimes: Close the Curtain on ‘Miss Saigon’

Right now I’m at the point in LePore’s American history book in which she describes how badly the USA understood what was happening in Vietnam. This is more corrective stuff.

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