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I am feeling much much better today and yesterday. The whole energy thing is coming back around. This is a relief since I wasn’t sure that my fatigue was all from the drug reaction. Now I’m hopeful that it was.

I think I’m going to keep this short since I’m tired.

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The man in the background is William Lee.  He was the slave of George Washington.  Washington like this guy especially because he was so loyal, unlike Ona Judge and Henry “Harry” Washington. These two managed to escape from Washington much to his consternation.

Below is pictured Washington’s slave chef, Hercules.

He also escaped. It’s sordid stuff. I am reading Clarence Lusane’s Black History of the White House. It’s quite good, if disturbing.

I have been watching a bit more TV since getting a new Roku.  Below is a WindSync rehearsal of an amazing piece of music. I subscribe to their YouTube channel and this popped up in my feed yesterday.

I went to the dermatologist today. He told me I would need to wear compression socks for the rest of my life. As I understand it once the collagen in the skin is stretched, it weakens it so that it cannot return to its original strength and elasticity. I am happy that the socks are working at keeping the swelling in ankles at bay. What the heck. He decided to biopsy the little place on my forehead, so I should know in a couple of weeks if it’s benign or not. He thought it was, but wanted to make sure.

Eileen and I voted by absentee ballot this election. I checked online and found that it was received by the local election.

Social Media—What a Bummer

“Lanier uses the acronym BUMMER to explain the new business model: “Behavior of Users Modified and Made into an Empire for Rent.”  Interesting read. Recommended.

On Reading ‘On Reading Well’

The author of this review seems conservative, but the book looks interesting to me.

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5 thoughts on “feeling much better

  1. Yay I can post stuff. Maybe my old phone bllocked it something. My current one is iPhone 8! Compression socks for the rest of you life huh!so be it I guess bet you don’t look as sexy as I did when I to wear them. Glad your rash and stuff is subsiding!
    David J

    1. Yes, Hooray, I’m glad you can post here again. And of course I don’t look as sexy as you did. dude. Thanks for your good wishes. love from Dad

  2. Speaking of compression socks, if we can get you to were your organ shoes, tutu, long sleeve dress shirt, suspenders, bow tie with a propeller beanie top you would look fine Dad! 🤣

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