Evelyn Glennie on Ted: a must for music people

Watched this video while treadmilling this morning. Glennie has important insights about being human and experiencing and creating music. There is so much in this video that I Facebooked it and Tweeted it and now I’m putting it up here. I do so admire this musician.

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  1. I am reminded of the group Zeus. The bass player was profoundly deaf and yet was an accomplished musician. I can’t remember anyone so focused on their music. He came from the poorest of poor areas in Grand Rapids and yet that was not any problem for him. Probably made him stronger. I asked him how it heard the music. It was his feet. Amazing stuff. These are not coincidences. The triumph of perseverance and determination.
    I was so impressed with Evelyn Glennie’s Scottish accent, that I looked her up on Google. Wow!

  2. I own her CD “Touch the Sound” which also has some great music as well as her personal background and philosophy. She is pretty wonderful. (I don’t understand your last comment: “He heard us, but was he listening.” Does it mean “He (the bass player from Zeus) heard us, but (boy) was he listening”? Or something else?

  3. No, I made a grammatical error in typing the original and thought that I would try to correct, but couldn’t. So, it was just a comment about people not really listening when they can hear perfectly. I have a lot of students like that and it very difficult to get them to listen. Those individuals who are physically impaired, who struggle to achieve, and like Evelyn Glennie are able to overcome those physical constraints are people to admire.

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