easing from burnout/illness into general lack of motivation



My schedule is definitely lightening up. The virus I lived through seems to be hanging on in the form of a runny nose. Nice. Today I only have two things scheduled: a meeting with clergy at work and a choir rehearsal this evening. This is considerably less than my Wednesday with ballet classes filling up the morning.

Though I have been spending a lot of time with Chopin at the piano I feel pretty unmotivated.

It doesn’t help that Eileen is basically holed up in bed trying to get better. I have managed to ease back up into 45 minutes a day on the treadmill and my blood pressure has been down ever since classes stopped (a correlation?).

Only three more Sundays of choir and I’m done with that. I enjoy my work but I find it frustrating that people miss so many scheduled events like rehearsals and services thereby causing me to dumb down a bit so that our performances are not disasters.

I ordered copies of Peter Schikele’s “Four Curmudgeonly Canons” so that we could have a fun end of the year thing to sing through. They were only $1.66 a copy so I paid for them out of my pocket since there not really something we could use at church.

They arrived in the mail yesterday. I purchased them without really getting a chance to look at the compositions. (I should have searched on google images which is where I found the above images). They are not all that great. There’s basically one joke: I can’t wait until this season is over. I will probably have to explain the “Pinter” reference to the choir. (“Everything is bleak as early Pinter.”)

The Road to Character

So David Brooks is using the interwebs to gather info for his next book. About character. You can click on the link and contribute your ideas about your own life and its meaning.

Mummy Displayed in Hungary Sets Chinese Villagers in Pursuit of Lost Icon – NYT

I find this interesting because some guy was looking at his phone in a village and recognized the lost god.

Japanese American Museum Acquires Internee Artifacts – NYTimes.com

Art from tragedy.

Contrary to goals, ER visits rise under Obamacare

Rep Huizenga (MY rep in the house) tweeted this link as evidence of the continuing failure of Obamacare.


He or his tweeting intern apparently did not read the dang article since part of the rise is the increase in need of doctors for newly insured people.


I tweeted this to him (or his intern) but as of this morning he has not responded. Sooprise.




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