early morning turkey day post

So today is Turkey day. I have tons to do before the meal. Eileen’s Mom and her sister are joining us. They are driving down from the Whitehall area where they live. We will go over to the nursing home and get my Mom. My two adult daughters are visiting. They have been very helpful. We will have more of a crowd than usual.

Yesterday after class, Sarah and I went to the farmers market and then the library.

I picked up a book waiting for me and found some other books of poetry.

A. M. Homes new book, May We Be Forgiven, begins with a Thanksgiving day scene. It’s as brutal as she usually is. I was on a wait list and my number came up.

I also pulled a volume of Bukowski I hadn’t read. This kind of reading (Homes and Bukowski) is a mild antidote to living some place so bland.

Then I came home and finished cleaning the kitchen and bathroom floor. After lunch I began working on pre-Turkey day cooking. I cooked up squash and sweet potatoes. Wild rice and balsamic rice. Made Momma Stamberg’s cranberry sauce.

Eileen, Sarah and I went back out to run more errands. Sarah took this cool picture:

By the end of the day I was too tired to treadmill. Sarah recorded my fatigue:

Now I’m trying to build up the energy to begin preparing stuff for today (Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy (meat and veggie), sweet potato casserole, green beans,┬áBrussels┬ásprouts, squash with wild rice, fresh salad all served with sweet rolls). Eileen’s sister and Mom are bringing pumpkin pies.

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