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On the eighth day of my vacation I wake up realizing that I had two dreams last night about worship commission meetings at my job. The dreams bore no resemblance to reality but they still were about church stuff.

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Yesterday was a day of rest for the most part for me. In the afternoon I accompanied Mark on a grocery run. My feet were tired and my right ankle was swollen. The walking around probably was both good and bad for me: good because I need the exercise and bad because my feet are in bad shape.

I spent time with my old prof’s book on Haydn yesterday (Haydn’s Symphonic Forms: Essays in Compositional Logic). That was fun.

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I also played through an excellent piano transcription of the G Major Brandenburg Concerto (No. 3) by T. A. Johnson. I asked Leigh where she ran across it and she figured she probably bought it used someplace.

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So one week of my six week hiatus is over. My BP seems to be settling down. I am enjoying goofing off and having access to the internet and Leigh’s wonderful piano. And of course it’s fun chatting with Mark, Leigh, and Eileen. Eileen brought a loom with her and has been weaving.

This seems to be working, but I’m going to need more time to turn into a human again.

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