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I dreamed two dreams last night which involved imaginary manuscripts of my own compositions.

In the first dream, I was looking for one. Searching through papers and papers for it. I could remember it. It was a song that involved a simple chord progression and a simple melody. I remember that it was a good one. I wanted to show it to somebody.

In the second dream, I had a music manuscript in my hand. It was one of my more classical attempts. Something about it was clever and subtle. Some sort of reference. Reference to a piece of literature? I handed it to an musician older than me to look at.

Both manuscripts were hand written in ink on manila music paper, the way I copied final copies before I began using software to make music manuscripts.

I woke up this morning in the motel room and wrapped myself in a blanket and sat by the window for light so as not to disturb Eileen’s rest. I finished reading The New World by Suzanne Gardinier. It is a powerful, beautiful and disturbing poem in its entirety.

This is one that caught my attention this morning:

In That Time

In that time the people presided over
what came to be known as The Great Dying
Osprey and herons and hawks were exchanged
for speedboats and paved wooden neighborhoods
Bear and beaver and moose disappeared
for top hats and gas pumps to take their places
the gifts to the seventh generation
included dead fish piled in simmering creeks
tides that bore surgical sutures and needles
horizons heavy with smokestacks and tailpipes
falling on trees as searing rain
The earth was opened for interment of poisons
The sky was divided by lots and sold
The sounds that the wind and rain made together
became audible only in fenced preserves
Unprecedented prosperity
sustained the industries of destruction
the makers of stacks of prison cages
of chairs designed for electrocution
of weapons to suppurate the deserts
and erase waterlines and warehouses of seeds
A banner of that time depicts many children
standing on top of a map of the world
Some smile Some stare without expression
at the thicket of swords hanging over their heads

from The New Word by Suzanne Gardinier


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