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Before I became ill, my tablet went a little crazy and rebooted randomly and often. Last night I made the mistake of not taking my charge cord to bed with my phone.  I have been using it to listen to podcasts and radio stations. Around 3 AM last night, it gave up the ghost. I got up and plugged it into a charger but it didn’t reboot so I left it until morning.

This morning it says it is charged, but it’s not on. Unfortunately some time back I dropped it and broke the on switch. So no phone, no tablet.

I tried to listen to U of M radio this morning on my laptop but it kept stopping. I thought about getting a radio. I get tired of the new fangled stuff that works a good 75 per cent of the time. But I’m more likely to head over to the phone store after finishing this blog.

I am feeling better and better. Stopping one’s life seems to help with recovering from illness. As Eileen pointed out, I don’t often do that. I only stop long enough to recover enough to function and then I start going again.

I canceled my shrink visit this morning with the idea that I am gradually getting back up to speed.

My Loeb library Homer’s Odyssey came in the mail recently and I am using it to work on understanding the original of this work.

My Mom was once again in and out of the hospital on Wednesday night. This time for a UTI. Eileen said she seemed in very low spirits yesterday when she visited her. I am going to visit her in person today (for the first time in a week). Yesterday she didn’t have her glasses. I’m hoping they found them and that she is in a less bad mood.

I like the fact they are using software to detect cheating for figuring out more stuff about Shakespeare’s sources. The weak part of this report is you don’t get told how thoroughly his sources are already vetted.

Oscoda residents wonder why state hasn’t done more about PFAS foam | Michigan Radio

Former home of Jenkins clan and Jenkins Bookshop. The weak part of this report is they don’t mention that Wurtsmith Air Force Bass is closed and has been for years.




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