doing a bit better morale wise


My spirits are finally lifting a bit. I’m still tired but not as bad as i was. In the morning yesterday, Eileen’s new loom arrived.

It was very exciting.

First we unloaded it to the garage.

I believe the next pic is called a heddle.

The people who sold it to us were very interested in our house and our books. I forget that there are other people out there who have these passions. It was fun chatting with them. They left and Eileen sat down to look at her instructions.

It wasn’t long before she decided the dining room should become the new loom room.

We moved the treadles to the back so we could assemble the main frame.

Unfortunately we forgot to put them back down in time and in the pic above they are not where they are supposed to be. Mark and Leigh arrived and helped us flip the loom and tuck them back in place.

Here’s a pic of the loom this morning.


Hanging on it is the jacket Eileen made which she brought down to show off to Mark and Leigh.




We had to move the treadmill out of the dining room and into the living room. When we did that we severely bent it. I had to tie it up to make it usable.



I used it yesterday and it didn’t fall down. I think I need to add some wire to make it more secure.



And my copy of The Auditory Culture Reader arrived! On top of all this good news, when I sat down to practice my Vierne Finale from Symphony 3 it actually seemed to go pretty well unlike it did earlier in the week.

We had a nice evening with Mark and Leigh. We went out to dinner.

Then watched some Russell Brand.


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