disrupted Tuesday


Unfortunately, my two days off this week, Monday and Tuesday, were disrupted by meltdowns. Monday, I got enmeshed in thinking about bills and quickly got off balance. Tuesday, I got drawn in to a discussion of an upcoming memorial service with my curate and the family’s ideas about the service.

I am finding more and more people who are educated are also limited in their abilities to think and communicate.

I have been communicating with my curate about an upcoming memorial service via email for a while. I am beginning to suspect that she is hearing emotion in  my emails, but missing actual content.

I have offered to meet with her, but she hasn’t responded about this.

Yesterday in desperation, I sent her an email outlining the memorial service, plugging in realistic ideas from the family. She seemed grateful for this. Meanwhile I received an email from the family member who is a cellist and who is planning to play.

This is where I seriously got off balance. He suggested all kinds of classical literature for this service which is only ten days away: Beethoven piano sonata, Faure Sicilienn for cello and piano, Brahms cello sonata movement. After making sure it was okay with the curate (via email) I sent the cellist an email outlining how we might possibly include some of the music he had mentioned in an initial email. My anxiety was high about performing some of this music, but at the same time I quite approve of the choices. I hope I can help shape this service into one that works well. I am feeling the absence of my boss keenly in this exchange.

My frustration was exacerbated by the church’s wifi which kept kicking me off while I was trying to work. By late afternoon I was a mess.

On the other hand, I spent some good hours working on my piano technique and choosing some fun upcoming organ music. The music always calms me down and centers me.

People do not.


Jupe’s notes on Tragedy and Farce by Nichols and McChesney

So I finished this book yesterday. Very impressive. I began making a doc of my notes about the book. This is a link to the ongoing doc.

When a Senator Passes Judgment on a Chief Justice – The New York Times

Interesting article by Adam Liptak. Nice quote: “Mr. Grassley’s logic, if that is the right word, was that conservative decisions are apolitical but that liberal ones are partisan.”

46 Killer Android Tips for Google Fans | PCMag.com

Haven’t worked my way through these yet. One of them already didn’t work as described. Sheesh.

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