did somebody wake up grumpy??


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It will have to be a quick one this morning since I’m running behind. Eileen’s Mom and sister are coming for a lunch together today. I promised Eileen that I would get the living room more straight before they arrived. I spent a good deal of my morning doing that.

Plus I’m grumpy.  I think I’ve had enough of church for a while. We had a worship commission meeting last night and it went fine. But a side discussion of whether we should get a baby grand piano or an upright bummed me out.

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A parishioner who shall remain nameless (but is a musician himself) basically said in front of the group that baby grands do not sound as good as a large upright, since the upright usually has longer strings. While there is some truth to this (the strings are sometimes longer on the baby grand, and the sound board sometimes larger),  there is enough differences in the actions of the two that a technician I was reading this morning says they’re practically different instruments. And I still think my church’s room deserves the sound of a baby grand. A good one. It’s all moot anyway. There’s no budget for it.

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I was madly working on submitting the music for Advent I this morning when i discovered that the church has still not paid it’s subscription to this service. This means we are not using it to report usage. I think I’ve had enough of church.

On the upside, a friend I knew a million years ago emailed me and asked me was I Mark Jenkins’s brother. She and I (and Mark) worked together on a diocesan commission of music and liturgy. She said she was at the 8 o’clock at my church and saw my name on the bulletin.

Here’s some Haydn I was listening to this morning. Bach and Haydn help.


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