death in the fam and a slightly glum jupe

I received a “Linked-in” message from my cousin Ken Jenkins, that his brother Fred had died yesterday. I emailed him for confirmation which I quickly received. Fred was born the same year I was earlier in the year (February). Information is sketchy but it appears he had difficulty breathing and succumbed before he was able to be helped. Damn shame. Here’s a pic of him with his wife Kathy.

Yesterday church was kind of a downer. The energy in the choir was unusually negative (and that’s saying something). I had been  looking forward to singing the psalm to Anglican chant. Which we did. It went okay. The choir did not sound as good as I want them too.

After church, the new alto quit. She said that it was too difficult to juggle her new baby and be in the choir (nice image, that). One does wonder if the negativity was part of her departure.

I had been sweating bullets over my prelude which was a Praeludium and fugue by Bohm. I learned it as an undergrad. It took some practice for this old dude to get it into shape.

I have been working on my organ technique, practicing more and also practicing carefully.

My friend Rhonda is looking for some chorale preludes on familiar tunes and asked me to gather some for her from my library. After googling to determine popular hymns (fuck if I know what’s popular), I checked through my cross index and went over to church yesterday afternoon.

I picked out music. I couldn’t resist sitting down at the console and practicing the upcoming Gigout pieces I have scheduled.

Eileen has been glum. I think she is beginning to seriously dislike her job. I suggested we run away (pull up stakes) yesterday but no go yet.

She cleaned up the old wardrobe sitting in the garage and we moved it into the house.


I have been finding the political news in the US particularly distressing. It looks like radical Republicans are succeeding in shutting down the government. Facts are being distorted on all sides of the discussion. I know this is what politics looks like, but the injustices and dishonesty are so disheartening.

My boss even preached about it yesterday, something which is very rare for her. She is level headed and very reluctant to talk politics from the pulpit (as we churchy people say). So you know if she is moved to speak out, things are bad.

This evening I have committed myself to attending an installation of American Guild of Organists officers. The Grand Rapids chapter invited the Holland chapter (and I think some other local chapters) to attend. It looks like a lengthy (and probably deadly boring) service. Here’s a pdf of the program. You can judge for yourself.

I have been having weird thoughts about joining the Association of Anglican Musicians. I joined their Facebooger group. I have always thought of them as a bit too fancy for me. But on reflection, I realize that I haven’t had reason to join them until my present church gig.

They require three letters from other members, one nominating and two supporting. Not sure I could come up with these. But the Facebooger AAM page did say if one was interested in joining to let them know.

I could use some intelligent talk around church music issues.

At least I could read the magazine, I guess.

1. Once Suicidal and Shipped Off, Now Battling Nevada Over Care –

Unbelievable policy of putting mental ill people on a bus to another state (called ” Greyhound Therapy”)


3 thoughts on “death in the fam and a slightly glum jupe

  1. Grayhound therapy may be what the bureaucrats and media are calling it but it is aka a term called “dumping”. It happens daily and not only accross state lines but also within state.

    The majority of California Counties are just as guilty of the practice regardless of there efforts at judicial and compensatory recourse.

    It was surprising that another state actually legislated the practice all be it veiled with legal gobbledegook. (You like that word dont you!??! =^)

    Just gets back to my qualms about poor continuity of care. Cant be in that field anymore for if I was i would most likely and literally pull my head clean off and drop kick it through goal posts (speaking of vivid images :0)

    Speaking of pulling heads off, i kind of like the new sleepy hollow series…

    Hope all is well.


  2. I’m glad that you are no longer doing hands on. I think one can only do that work for so long.

    Thanks for reading. Haven’t heard any more about my cousin Fred’s death.

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