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My daughter, Sarah, texted me yesterday that it had been five days since I had put up something here. I assured her I was okay. My patterns are changing a bit. I’m doing much less social media. My time is filling up with other things.

As is not too uncommon for this time of year, attendance at choir is sporadic. But I think we had a good rehearsal Wednesday. I was prepared to postpone Sunday’s anthem and substitute an easier one. But this did not prove necessary. The anthem, “Come Sunday” by Duke Ellington, is one that has proved challenging for the choir.

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But some of those people have signed out for this week. Those who remain seem enthusiastic about doing this wonderful piece.

We also worked ahead on some other music. We are learning a beautiful communion anthem by John Dowland.

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I had scheduled it for this week I believe. I have in mind to use it as a second anthem in the service at the beginning of communion. That way we can keep working on it until we know it well enough to do at Eucharist. It’s coming along but it’s not quite ready for prime time at this point so not this weekend but soon.

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Thursday I went to my doctor’s office as scheduled. I brought the machine I use to take my BP daily. My cuff gave a reading of 149/96. The nurse immediately took my BP with her equipment and had a reading of 152/88. She said that this could indicate that my cuff produces a lower number that is inaccurate and too high. She said she would pass the info along to Dr. Fuentes.

I had phone call yesterday in which Fuentes people said that I was to continue trying to lose weight and exercise more but nothing else.

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I’m almost done reading Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In Other Rooms, Other Wonders. I am finding him very satisfying to read. He manages to convey complexity with a very simple prose style and story.

Friday morning I got up and began a new routine. I did some exercises (sit ups and other stuff). Then I ran in place for 20 minutes with a short break in the middle.  I did something similar this morning. Fuentes said I needed to exercise daily and that 45 minutes twice a week was insufficient. I have been thinking about that and the fact that even prisoners exercise in their cells without equipment. I decided it would make sense if I could develop a routine that was more flexible and didn’t require a trip to Evergreen Commons. I’m not sure what I will do on Sundays but I’m monitoring how I feel today in order to decide when to exercise tomorrow.

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I already feel a bit more limber. Granted this morning the five sit ups were much more difficult than the first day. But that makes sense to me.

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I had a good meeting with Dr. Birky. As I was leaving I asked him if he was a psychologist. He said he wasn’t. He has a masters in social work and PHD in the same area. I told him that I found his work very helpful and satisfactory. I was only wondering about the title.

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Well maybe you can see why I haven’t been posting so much. Life is good for me but not necessarily that interesting to everyone else. I like to post when I have something to share. My criteria is what would I have to share with you if you were sitting in the room and I was reading or thinking. I guess lately I haven’t had many insights.

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Could spell trouble? Scrabble rule change allows use of ‘OK’

I play Scrabble online with several people I know. I’m wondering if the online version (which seems official) will start to allow the new words. I’ve also been doing a lot of New York Times crossword puzzles.
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Eileen and I work on them together eventually, starting alone. I have found them easier since reading that Will Shorts (the puzzle editor) thinks its not cheating to look up answers on the internet. The people who make the puzzles try to fool you with ambiguous clues and also occasionally using what they call rebuses. Rebuses in this case mean that there is more than one letter in a box. But often the clues are very specific with the answer being a name of some famous person or place. These used to drive me crazy. Now I just look them up if I can’t get them with cross clues. I think crosswords are one of the reasons I haven’t been posting here. Heh.

UArts Students Want Camille Paglia Gone – The Atlantic

This kind of stuff makes me crazy. Paglia is someone I have learned a ton from and I admire her outrageousness as well as her insights.

Reconstruction | Part 1, Hour 1 | Season 2019 Episode 1 |

I’m reading Gates’ book based on this series. I would like to watch it as well but haven’t gotten round to it.

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The Splintered Mind

This is the blog of Eric Schwitzgebel. He is a philosophy professor at University of California at Riverside (where I have family). He also writes science fiction. I ran across him listening to the podcast of the sci fi digital mag Clarkesworld. They describe him this way:  at his blog Eric Schwitzgebel “posts regularly on issues at the intersection of philosophy, psychology, and speculative fiction. “
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Listening to Clarkesworld podcast has cued me in to several new authors many of whom are writing speculative fiction in other languages from other cultures. Recommended.
I just subscribed to their digital edition, mostly to support the podcast, but I probably will end up reading the mag as well.

News Quiz – The New York Times

My perception is that while “The Gray Lady” has been trying to provide digital access, she fails more than she succeeds where I am concerned. This is an example. The News Quiz appears on Friday mornings on the app but then goes away by Monday. Sometimes we don’t get to it, so I just bookmarked the dang thing. Sheesh.

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