date day delayed


Yesterday while my wife was taking her daily walk, my blind cat attempted to leap up and join me on my dead mother’s recliner. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it. In the process of losing his balance he caught his left hind leg in the recliner apparatus and flipped over, sprawled on the floor and crying out.  I was afraid he had broken his leg.

I had to extricate myself from the chair without putting it upright position so as to not crush his leg. I carefully lifted my cat and gently took his leg out of the chair. I put him on the ground. After a moment he walked blindly toward the kitchen, no limp, no visible effects.

I was grateful. Now when he leaps up onto the chair, I watch him carefully and block the open mechanism with my leg.

I got up early this morning hankering for a shower. So after cleaning the cat litter which we now keep in the main bathroom on the main floor for the blind cat, I took a shower. Then I made coffee, did stretches, and my daily exercises.

After exercising I turned on the tap to get some water. Nothing. The water had ceased to flow. Yikes.

My wife got up also hankering for a shower. Unfortunately there was not going to happen until service was restored. Some time after i discovered it, a man in one of those orange yellow reflector worker vests knocked on my door and told me it was a mistake. The water should return in a couple of hours.

So Eileen and I had breakfast, played our usual four games of boggle. By that time the water was back on.

Eileen showered. I went to the grocery store and picked  up groceries and some food for our date day picnic by the lake.

The humidity has been dreadful. It has been in the nineties according to our humidity gauge. If it rains does the gauge go one hundred per cent?

Eileen decided that it was too humid to go sit by the lake today for our date day.  So we stayed home. I think we might go out Thursday instead.

I am adjusting to the idea that I am retiring soon. Today it occurred to me that retiring would in many ways return me to the hapless dude I was when I met Eileen. At that time we had lots of time on our hands to do nothing.

I can’t wait until that time comes again.


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