darker than dexter

Didn’t have time to blog yesterday. Hosting my brother and his wife. It’s nice to have fam visit. My Mom wasn’t up to a meal with the five of us at my home, so we joined her for lunch at the nursing home.

I did manage to get some practice in. I hope I can do so today as well.

In the evening Mark and Leigh consented to let Eileen and I continue on with the recent TV series we have been watching on Netflix.

As I age I find moving images less and less interesting.

But at the same time I like to spend time with other humans I love and it is a common way to do so. Eileen and I have been taking time to have movie dates. It does seem to be a good thing.

We stumbled across “Breaking Bad.”

I heard a recent radio movie critic comment that the upcoming closing episodes of the fourth seasons was as good or better than any movie he was reviewing. I checked on Netflix and found that there were 33 old episodes. Eileen and I watched a couple and got predictably drawn in.

I was interested in Mark and Leigh’s reaction to this series since they are much more movie/tv literate than Eileen and me.

They seem drawn in enough to watch a couple episodes with us. Surprisingly they found it “dark” (Leigh’s word). “Darker than Dexter.” I’ve never been drawn into Dexter since I find the premise pretty distasteful, even though I like the actor who plays him quite a bit.

Today we are doing more family xmas.

Mark’s adult kids and their significant others are coming over for the day for some food and presents. Since my meal for yesterday was canceled we have more food than we need to feed everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone and chatting.


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