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Yesterday, my boss followed the advice of her bishop and canceled church for the next three Sundays. I met with her for about an hour and we talked about what to do instead. Tomorrow she is planning to do a live stream intro via Facebook to a stream from the National Cathedral (presumably Eucharist).

I suggested to her that the next two Sundays after that we could do a sort of hodge podge live stream that would include parts of the Eucharist that people listen to. This would include the readings, the homily, and maybe a choral anthem and a sung hymn. We are  meeting Monday to further think about and probably decide.

Our local bishop is doing a live stream of Morning Prayer tomorrow which was also Jen’s first impulse. But she liked my idea of a Liturgy of the Word stream because it can keep us connected to the church year. We had some other fun ideas as well like a drive-in Eucharist and treating the entire parish like shut-ins and taking communion to them.

I did some research about copyrights and streaming yesterday. It appears that my previous notion that when you stream it’s like a live performance and not subject to the same sort of copyright as a video distribution was basically erroneous. I guess Facebook (and other platforms like Twitch and Zoom) will take flag and/or take down stuff they determine to be an unlicensed use of copyright material. This extends even to inadvertent inclusion of copyrighted music in the background.

On the other hand, I remembered that part of our licensing through St. James Press does give us permission to stream any of their choral arrangements. In addition, the licensing web site, One.License, whose copyright permission for publishing in our bulletin we already subscribe to  is providing a streaming license free for the next few weeks. Finally, anything that is public domain is okay to stream. This could mean streaming older versions of hymns that are out of copyright instead of versions available in the highly copyrighted Hymnal 1982 of the Episcopal Church.

Eileen had an MRI on Thursday and then we went out to eat. She is suffering terribly and I wish there was something I could do to help. She ordered a bed frame for our new mattress and it came yesterday. Normally she enjoys assembling things like that. This time I had her direct me and I did most of the grunt work while she was the brains. I don’t think that worked too badly. Now our bed is a bit higher and easier for both of us to get in and out of.

Yesterday, a young woman rang our doorbell and introduced herself as the grand daughter of the man who used to own our house. It was fun for Eileen and me to take her around the house and show her what was original. She doesn’t have a memory of the man, but is very interested in her own family right now.

Finally, I thought it might be fun to embed a few videos I have watching.

This is one Eileen and I watched together. Good stuff.

I like to listen to a jazz video with my evening martini. This was last night’s and I think it’s quite good.

This is kind of long, but I loved it. Duchamp rocks!

I haven’t finished this one yet. I do enjoy Bloom and am reading his chapter on Dante in his Western Canon tome.


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  1. Huh… we live streamed our entire service today (did it all for an empty sanctuary, which was weird!), and no one thought at all about copyright issues. I played Bach, Scheidemann, and some Brit for the organ music, so that’s probably mostly not an issue, I can’t imagine Facebook giving two cents about organ music anyway. But I have to admit, I did not think about this at all… And what about our weekly radio broadcast?
    The Scheidemann is right at the beginning – in case you’re interested in listening! (I think it’s a pretty cool setting of Erbarm dich – the second verse of the setting)

    1. I videoconferenced with my staff today. The Episcopalians in Michigan have recommended not streaming at this point. It looks like we aren’t going to do so this Sunday as well.

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