cookin and playin


So yesterday morning I hit the farmers market. My staff had a luncheon scheduled. Each staff person was to bring a dish to pass. I thought a nice roasted asparagus salad would be nice.


After roasting with lots of garlic I let it cool and spread shredded Zingerman’s Parmesan cheese on it to melt.


Mmm, mmm. It made an excellent salad. I also could not resist the strawberries. I chose the most beautiful ones and laid them on a couple pieces of lettuce.

This morning I got  up and played through the Ab prelude and fugue by Bach from WTC I. I thought it might be fun to see if I could tape it with my phone. Here’s the result.

It doesn’t sounds as bad here as it does on my phone. If the prelude is messed up, I tried to use YouTube’s suggested edit for it. Not sure what it did since it’s still processing it.

Anyway. I guess it might be fun to throw up videos like this once in a while. I am thinking I might record Sunday’s prelude and postlude today. We’ll see if I have time. I have some fun music stuff scheduled for today. My trio this afternoon and Rhonda the pianist/organist extraordinaire has consented to come to my abode and play piano duets with me.

1.Earlier Denials Put Intelligence Chief in Awkward Position –

Lying on camera and before congress.

2. Chinese Journalist Said to Be Detained in Beijing –

So much for democracy. I know it’s more complicated than that, but I still find actions like this outrageous.

3.Surveillance – A Threat to Democracy –

Speaking of democracy.

4. New Rapid Malaria Test Uses Magnets and a Laser –

Magnets seem low tech. Cool use of low and high tech.

5. East African Sweet Potato Curry Recipe | Healthy Recipe Ideas

This is a recipe I recently sort of  made. It is excellent.

6. Teenager’s Death Reveals Growing Anger in Syria –

Dead because he offended some righteous religious types who proceeded to beat him and then execute him in public. Madness.

7. Weiner Story Appears Briefly, Then Disappears, From The Times’s Web Site –

Now you see it, now you don’t . Welcome to the new “journalism.”

8. Sexism’s Puzzling Stamina –

It just keeps rearing its ugly head.

9. The Solitary Leaker –

If  you want to know how the powerful view the leaks this is a good example Brooks is totally wrong on this. Ad hominem attacks on Snowden. Nice.

10. Hong Kong, a Strange Place to Seek Freedom –

Some of this ran through my head when I read Snowden’s assessment of Hong Kong as a bastion of free speech.

11. Manning Judge Rules Crowd-Funded Stenographers Should Be Given Permanent Court Access | Freedom of the Press Foundation

A blow for coherence and freedom.


2 thoughts on “cookin and playin

  1. I am not sure how it “would be fun to throw up videos”. Its never fun vomiting at all let alone some videos. Your salad looked good.
    David =^)

  2. Har. Har. You are right about vomiting. Thanks for the compliment on the salad. And thanks for reading….

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