continuing to feel lousy (but no bowel update)


It looks like I might be ill until at least next Friday or so, if it takes ten days to get rid of this. I slept better last night (Is this what blogs by elderly people are like? Pretty soon I will be giving updates  on my bowel activity!).

Why do I feel so lousy when I wake up every morning? Wondering if I’m going to be able to shit or not. Is my body going to work? Will my bowels churn? Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers p. 5

I do find passages of this novel I read as a young man passing through my brain from time to time.

But even though I slept better in the words of Cohen, “I feel so lousy.” Fortunately, church should be easy. The most demanding thing I will do will be to play the Bach C Major fugue from the WTC vol 1 for the prelude on the piano.

Eileen drove me to the library yesterday where we chose some books for Mom to read. Then she took me to the church so I could post hymns, prep the choir room for this morning and do some minimal practice.

I played through some Robert Powell organ pieces that I am thinking of using next Sunday. The anthem is by him and I have a collection of Easter Chorale preludes that I thought I could maybe find something to play.

His organ music is not as brain dead easy as a lot of church music composers. This actually makes it more interesting. However, I am thinking next week will be a week of possibly not feeling well.

I did find a couple that would work. My plan is to submit them along with the rest of the bulletin info this afternoon. If I’m still feeling this lousy next Thursday, I will ask Mary at the office to change the prelude and postlude to only read Prelude and Postlude without a specific title and improvise them.

Improvised organ music can be my fall back option. It’s the easiest option for me. The postlude for today’s service will be an improvisation on the closing hymn. Good thing.  Did I mention I feel like shit.

It’s almost 8 AM in Holland Michigan and the sun is shining. Nice. I am feeling more charitable toward my Western Michigan environment since learning that Hendrik Meijer the founder of Meijer Grocery store was a Dutch anarchist.

Over and out.

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