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Did I tell you I changed my google home page? I made one tab for conservative news sites and one for liberal news sites. This should be interesting to check out once in a while. Yesterday, Eileen brought home the book I interlibrary-loaned, “Words that work: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear” by Frank Luntz.

I heard him recently on Fresh Aire and decided he was worth checking out. His point on the radio was that liberals need to listen to conservative media and conservatives need to listen liberal media.

This morning on “On the Media,” one of the people they were interviewing starting naming off conservative and liberal radio/ tv people. I only recognized the conservatives.

This is probably because they are more popular and have more of a public presence (Bill O’Reilly, Fox News).

Luntz is a certified conservative, I believe. He seems to have been part of the whole conservative move to frame (read lie about) issues to make them more palatable to people whose interest they do not werve.

He might have gotten religion since this interview with Samantha Bee on the Daily show. (Warning it’s just the transcript. I checked Youtube and couldn’t find a video)

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