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It’s looking distinctly like my church is going to help me get my computers in better working condition.

A while back I quit using one of my laptops because it was running hot.

We had already put one new fan in it and due to our new financial situation I didn’t want to put more money into it.

At staff meeting this week I asked Rev Jen if I could submit a ticket to BandA the service that the church subscribes to that helps with all our computer issues. She said yes. Then I asked about upgrading my other laptop. She also said yes to that.

So I did that. I actually submitted what the service calls a Query about my other laptop. BandA responded quickly to that and suggest that instead of installing a solid state hard drive, I could improve speed by adding memory. I want to confirm that the church will do this before moving ahead. Also I think it might be good to get the older laptop functioning first.

But anyway, that’s cool.

My security software is expiring. We can’t really afford to put our money into computer security software at this point.

I asked my brother about free ones and he was very helpful. He told me what he uses and pointed out that PC mag reviews them.

The Best Free Antivirus for 2015 |

The info is sort of overwhelming but I looked at their page on Panda (which is one of the ones Mark uses).

Panda Free Antivirus (2016) Review & Rating |

I went with that. Downloaded and installed it today and uninstalled my present one.

Our friend, Barb Phillips, is coming to visit today. Yesterday Eileen’s Mom and sister Nancy came to Holland to Christmas shop. I joined them for lunch. I spent most of the day working on church stuff, picking anthems and practicing.

Managed the two mile walk back and forth to see my Mom with Eileen yesterday.

This is a good way to get some exercise in. My blood pressure has been low for a while now. Not sure exactly why (not losing the weight I want to), but it might be related to the fact that I finally got a little vacation.

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