composting… er… I mean composing

I didn’t blog yesterday because I spent my blogging time working on a new piece for tenor sax and piano. I have been thinking about writing an instrumental for some time. I began working thinking I could throw something together if even in draft form for a week from this Sunday. Jordan is playing at my church and we have discussed a prelude and an offertory but not a postlude.

I began working and discovered there was too much to the piece to be done in two or three days to allow for rehearsal. I asked Jordan to read through 16  or so measures anyway yesterday. Boy what a luxury.

This morning I managed to get my online bookmarking thingo (diggolet) reinstalled.

I don’t know if you know about these free services, but there are web sites on which you can bookmark pages, highlight text on them and leaves margin notes for yourself.

I began using diggolet after the New York Times discontinued its online individualized archiving. (Another reason to quit paying them for their stuff) When the NYT did that they bounced me over to a service called Furl. Furl lasted about six or so months. Then Furl crashed and passed me on to diggolet.

Recently, my dang browser forgot my logon for diggolet. It provides an in-browser bookmarker. That is, I can be on a page and click on my browser and it will save the page for me. I’m not sure quite how browser memories of log-ons and passwords work, but they seem sometimes to arbitrarily go away. That’s what happened this time.

I idiotically decided on the spot that I probably didn’t need the service. So I deleted the link.

Then later I realized that I really benefit from being able to go back to certain pages and re-read or examine them. It’s a bit different from bookmarking sites I revisit. It’s more like clipping. Which is how I began doing this. Clipping articles from the NYT about wars all over the world in the late nineties.

So anyway this morning I managed to figure out how to get my browser bookmarker guy, diggolet, working again. Sheesh. Ain’t tech great?

BTW my 82 year-old Mom emailed a letter to the local paper. You can click here and read it. Way to go, Mom.

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