composition is done


My “Lobe den Herren Dances for Organ” is finally done. You can see the final versions here or click on the link at the top of this page. I still have a couple movements I would like to write, but I need a break from this work at this point.

Jordan and Rhonda stopped by for tea and conversation yesterday. These two are pleasure to have around. I am looking forward to doing the upcoming May 19 recital with them and my string people.

I discovered this morning that my semi-annual doctor visit is Monday. Dang. I was hoping to lose some weight for this visit, but obviously that’s not going to happen before Monday. I need to focus on the fact that despite my high blood pressure and obesity, I am a cancer survivor and every day is sweet because of that.

Still my anxiety will probably be up on Monday when I see Dr. Fuentes. I’m hoping she will prescribe a new med to bring my BP down. I also hope that the fact that she hasn’t done so yet is intentional on her part and not an oversight. When I was going through all my problems she asked me to send her my BP readings which I did. They were high but she never responded. I’m hoping that  was on purpose.

Anyway, I’ll know more on Monday.


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