cleaning house – books and music

I organized my books a bit today. Since I have a zillion books this is kind of a big deal. I cleared a path in the room I call the library so that I could file books from the living room that are just laying around.

The goal was to move my reading shelf closer to my reading chair. Important stuff.
This involved moving almost all of my poetry books (not sure how many that is.. probably close to 24 feet of books on shelves. So of course I dust them as I move them.
Well, mission is now accomplished several hours later. I am kind of dirty from all the dust but now I have my books that I am trying to read within easy reach.

I also uncovered a stack of clippings from the NYT that I am in the process of going through. The NYT site allows subscribers to bookmark old articles for future reference. I have quit clipping quite so much but these articles are from a while ago.

Listening to saxophone music by Paul Creston and Amy Quate all the while I was doing this.

Also have been looking for free mp3s of Dylan Thomas and James Joyce reading their work. I have an old CD of old Napster (pre-legal) files which I can’t seem to rip. I ripped my Getrude Stein CD yesterday. The quality is not great but I love the way she reads her work.

If anyone has any links for these things for these kind of mp3s would appreciate you passing them along.

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