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Started yesterday with a nice chat with my boss. I hate to sound so Pollyanna but what a pleasure it is to work for a sane boss.

I have continued working on recordings. I am posting them all on the Aug 5th gig page (link). But I will put each new one in posts so if anyone is reading and is interested they can track my progress.

The recording of Naked Boy is only an excerpt. This is partly because the recording was not too good at the beginning, but also because the ensemble wasn’t exactly together until about half way through the piece. In this excerpt the balance is still bad even though I have mixed it down a bit. Too much back-up vocal and too much snare drum. But it gives you an idea of what went on in this piece.

Link to mp3 of excerpt of performance of Naked Boy on Aug 5th at Lemonjellos

In yesterday’s post, I forgot to mention another book I have used in learning about recording:

I got up this morning and drafted a letter that I am planning to send to every member of my church. I am hoping it will be sort of a declaration of my philosophy and mention some new ideas I am going to try out. I will email it to my boss for her first critique. Eileen is reading it as I write.  Planning to do quite a bit of rewrite as I prepare this.

Today I meet with my Mom’s bankers to ask some questions about her dwindling Mutual Fund investment. Of course the market went haywire this week. It seems whenever I pay attention to my Mom’s money, the market goes bad. Yikes.

Later I meet with the person who will substitute for me at Grace church while I am in California. That should be fun.

Started reading The Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan last night.

My grandson loves these so I thought I would see what they are all about. It is written in Young Adult style and so far seems to be pretty good.

I don’t get to talk to many people who are nine or ten years old, so I’m not that aware of this. But it looks like a bit of a craze.

And then there’s the movie that came out this past February.

I like the idea that the magic in the book represents the real history of Greek Gods. Very cool.

I’m planning to see my grandson at the end of this month when we fly away. I will be interested to learn more about what he likes about these books.

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