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Eileen stayed home from work yesterday with a sore throat. She stayed in bed all day. Since the renovation continued with Chris the worker painting and laying tile, Eileen was locked upstairs with the cat. If she needed something, she texted me on my phone. In this way, she told me what she wanted for breakfast or that she needed tea.

Clever, eh?

When I left to practice organ in the afternoon and returned to treadmill I kept my phone handy and told Eileen to text me if she needed something.

I like this aspect of the smart phone.

Cell phones were in my dreams last night. I had a very interesting dream about being at a convention with Eileen. She was there but not with me, attending some function. I was taking care of  a baby (our baby?). Not identifiable as one of our three children, this baby was quite young, not ready to walk.

I carried the baby with me to pick up some used books I had picked out. I remember in the dream setting the baby down to look carefully at the books. Then I looked for a paper bag to put them in so that I could carry them and the baby.

All the while I realized that while Eileen had her cell phone with her, I had left mine in our room. My plan was to take the books, drop them off at our car, return to our room and call Eileen with my cell, all the while carrying this baby.

At some point I realized I no longer had the books with me. I wasn’t too concerned about that and kept wandering around from room to room (supposedly in a convention center of some sort), phoneless carrying a baby.


Chris finished painting the little wall that will divide the bathroom into laundry room and the rest of the room.


He propped one of the new doors up near the place he will hang it. He told me yesterday he will hang the doors and then stain them in place. It’s easier that way I guess.



The tile floor is almost finished as well. I like the looks of it.

1. Found in Translation – NYTimes.com

I found this a fascinating read. It’s a quick over view of so much philosophical writing that I don’t about.

2. Romney’s Reflections – NYTimes.com

I guess all politicians are to some degree in deep denial. Certainly true of this dude.

3. Status and Stress – NYTimes.com

“As income disparities have increased, class mobility has declined. By some measures, you now have a better chance of living the American dream in Canada or Western Europe than in the United State.

4. Voting Rights Of Black Americans Trampled By ‘New Jim Crow,’ Civil Rights Advocates Say

& 5. Cornel West: Obama’s Response to Trayvon Martin Case Belies Failure to Challenge “New Jim Crow” | Democracy Now!

& 6.Michelle Alexander: “Zimmerman Mindset” Endangers Young Black Lives with Poverty, Prison & Murder | Democracy Now!

I becoming increasingly aware of how our country systematically represses its citizens.

7. Garry Davis, Man of No Nation Who Saw One World of No War, Dies at 91 – NYTimes.com

The original One Worlder. Inspiring and goofy.

8.  I’m Still Waiting for My Phone to Become My Wallet – NYTimes.com

Me too.

9. The Brutality of ‘Corrective Rape’ – Photographs – NYTimes.com

Warning. This is a disturbing story with sad pictures. About South Africa.

10. What do conductors actually do? Review of ‘Inside Conducting’ by Christopher Seaman » The Spectator

Too new to interlibrary loan, but looks entertaining if not informative.


11. A Religious Legacy, With Its Leftward Tilt, Is Reconsidered – NYTimes.com

An interesting look at evolving understanding of recent history of  Christianity in America.




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