can’t play for beans


When I am discouraged about my playing, I sometimes think of Healey Willan’s comment about himself: “Can’t play for beans.” Of course he could. And so can I, but I admire the ruefulness and self deprecation with which he avoids self pity.

I had trouble relaxing on my day off yesterday. Eileen wanted to take her Mini in to the dealer for work in the morning. I also received a phone call that my Mom was found on the floor near her chair that morning.

Eileen and I dropped by Mom’s apartment to check on her. She said she just “slipped.” She wasn’t terrible communicative but seemed okay. She hasn’t been feeling very well. Also, she has been a bit unresponsive and sometimes doesn’t answer my questions. I’m hoping this will pass. Eileen and I took over a nightlight that will automatically come on in the dark.I read recently where some old folks homes have them installed to help people keep oriented in the dark. Mom seemed okay with us putting it in her bathroom for her.

I continued to mess with my books yesterday. I am grouping them by author and trying to get spines out where I can see where they are.

I spent a long time with Chopin waltzes at the piano. A ballet student requested his Waltz in C# minor. I think I know which one she means. It’s encouraging that a young person would ask for something like this.

But after tangling with Chopin for an hour or so, I was tired and pretty sure that I can’t play for beans. This too will pass.

I’m running late this morning so no pics. I will include links however.

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Laureate, Is Assailed by Schools Group in Pakistan –

I don’t quite get this except as an expression of ignorance.

Preserving an Accident, the Salton Sea in California, for the Good of Nature – NYT

Part of the point of this article is that from here on out we will have to manipulate our environment in order to save it.

The Truth About the Wars –

A Three star general has regrets.

Garry Trudeau on Bringing His Political Satire to TV –

I’m linking this interview because of this anecdote Trudeau tells:

Interviewer: You went to Yale with George W. Bush.

Trudeau: When I was a sophomore and W. was a senior, I illustrated an article for the newspaper about hazing at Bush’s fraternity — D.K.E. had been branding initiates with a red-hot iron. It became a national story. The Times interviewed Bush. And Bush described the branding as no worse than a cigarette burn. His first interview in the national media was in defense of torture.

St. Francis Manuscripts Headed to U.S., in First Trip Out of Italy in 700 Years –

Did you know there was a webcam pointed at St. Francis’s grave? Weird shit.

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