cancer, darn

When I told Eileen I wasn’t going with her to the Farmer’s Market, this morning she suggested I blog. I had already thought of that.

So Dr. Batts, my oncologist told me that the biopsy from my lung showed the same cancer that had showed up from my previous bout last time, I said ‘darn. It was clever of him to go looking for it.

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Eileen and I will fight this cancer again. She pointed out that I beat this cancer once maybe we can do so again.

I am afraid that exercise is high on the prescribed activities.

On the other hand, I am feeling a bit more energy which I attribute to a recent increase in physical exercise.

I am having a fantasy of having the NYT delivered to the house but even with the cancer it feels indulgent. But I’m still pondering this move. We haven’t had much luck with Sundays only.

As you can imagine I am still reeling from the cancer news.

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