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After Eileen and I had breakfast at the Wooden Shoe, we went to a local used furniture store and looked at tables.

It was my idea because I had looked at some pieces the day before while my Mom was in the Dollar Store.

I was thinking about how small our kitchen is and how every time Eileen and I have breakfast together we have to sort of stand to the side while the other one gets their plate from the cupboard or orange juice from the fridge.

I call it the breakfast dance.

I was thinking our old table sort of needs replacing anyway, so we settled on this one.

It was only $250. We also bought this one for when we need to seat a few more people:

It comes with chairs that fold neatly inside it.

It was $200. I think the prices were pretty reasonable. We put it on Discover. I plan to pay it off with the reimbursement check from Eileen’s flex medical fund for 2011. But I did think of this Saturday Night Live skit I saw recently online.


Lush Workers Cut Wallets From the Pockets of Drunk Train Riders –

Apparently this kind of robber is an endangered species.


The Privileges of China’s Elite Include Purified Air –

The future is fun. It’s like living in a 20th century sci-fi novel sometimes.


U.S. Commander Fires Senior Officer, Fuller, for Remarks on Afghans –

Why do I suspect this guy got fired for telling the truth?


3 New Elements Named – Darmstadtium, Roentgenium and Copernicium –

Two pluses on this article. The basic idea of new elements is cool. And also it mentions Tom Lehrer.


Life Sentence for Possession of Child Pornography Spurs Debate –

Just finished Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks which describes the life of convicted sex felons.  This article points out that if this guy had molested a child instead of collecting kiddie porn he might have received a lighter sentence.


With New Book, Bill Clinton Makes New Bid to Bolster Obama –

Hmmm. Sounds a bit self-serving if not totally unhelpful to Obama’s reelection. Bill Clinton just keeps on keeping on. Sheesh.


David Gelernter Discusses Patent Claim Against Apple –

First the Unabomber blows him up, then Steve Jobs steals his ideas. Wow. Wonder how much of this is true? Probably the bomb part.


Edging Toward Equality –

It does seem that the abolition of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” will lead to better rights for gays and others.


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