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My two and a half hour rehearsal last night turned into three hours. We ended the evening trying to put together a difficult little number that involved multiple tempo changes, speeding up and slowing down. It was the first time we had gone through it. Needless to say it was tough going.

It reminded me of my choir rehearsal Sunday.  I desperately tried to keep Sunday’s after service rehearsal upbeat despite a lot of negative energy flowing from a few people in the choir.

Now I’m madly trying to get arrangements ready for tomorrow evening’s instrumental rehearsal.  My schedule is pretty busy. Yesterday I had an email request from my brother, Mark the priest, asking me to put a couple pieces of music into finished notation.

I do like doing this. But it was a rush job when I’m already scrambling for time and energy to come up with stuff for whoever comes to tomorrow night’s rehearsal.  I had it done in forty precious minutes.

My Mom had a doctor’s appointment in Zeeland yesterday. She also has one today. I have agreed to take her out to lunch (drive her to lunch, actually. she pays).  Plus I have an hour and a half ballet class that begins in an hour.

So not much time to blog.

I insisted on cleaning the kitchen a bit this morning despite all this stuff I need to do.

I came home last night and Eileen was staring moodily at the TV. She was unhappy with the election results.

I find them largely what I expected.

I spoiled my ballot yesterday by voting the wrong way on the Michigan proposal to allow felons to run for office. I voted yes but meant no. In other words a no vote stopped the proposal to prohibit this. Fortunately, they allowed me to redo my ballot.

Of course the proposal passed (meaning that more people voted yes than no).

This morning I have been poking around trying to find the complete breakdown for local election results. In 2008 I found tallies for everything I voted for. So far I haven’t found complete results for all of the things that were on my ballot.

I’m curious how many people in this county voted for state wide races as well as local.

Also Publius the website I used to prepare accidentally omitted a candidate.  Usually something takes me by surprise on the ballot no matter how much I try to prepare.

Well I need to stop and get ready to go do ballet class.  So far very few of the people I voted for yesterday won. This is pretty typical for me. I do have a problem with using business approaches in government. I think business is as much a part of our current problems in the US as the government. Both the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor for Michigan promised to use this approach.  I voted for the Democrat. He lost, of course.

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  1. I missed your question on your comment section, but the last two days have been extremely busy at school. I did respond positively with your query. I read today’s blog, but am not sure why you dislike business.

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