BP still high, so much for lowering my stress with vacation



I was peering at this headline this morning utterly confused. It’s a typo. Deer=Defer. Nice way to start the day.

My BP is still high. I guess I will be calling the doctor after I get back if this persists. Nice.

My brother told me that he uses his browser to access Spotify. This is a much better idea for me than using their silly software/application since it seems to eat up computer power and is very very slow on my big laptop. So I uninstalled it from this computer and it seems to work fine via my browser.

Emily and Jeremy went home yesterday morning. We had a quiet day of old people. Ben and Tony arrived after I was sound asleep. I woke and gave them hugs and told them I wouldn’t remember it today but I do.

I had email from a groom getting married in August and from my sub for tomorrow. The day before I had a phone call from my cellist who didn’t get the memo that I’m out of town for a while. It feels like my work stress is dogging me. But I really have no idea why I’m still stressed and have high BP. Maybe Eileen and Mark are on to something by recommending I seek professional counseling.

Eileen kept getting up in the night, asking me to stand up and then using a hammer to bang on our bed frame to keep it from falling apart. I had to apologize to Ben and Tony this morning. I think we are all in agreement that we need to fix this today so there will be less banging tonight.

Is the Trump Campaign Just a Giant Safe Space for the Right? – The New York Times

Safe space for haters. Nice.

Mack Rice, Who Wrote ‘Mustang Sally,’ Dies at 82 – The New York Times

Mustang Sally was originally Mustang Momma? Who knew?

Alvin Toffler, Author of ‘Future Shock,’ Dies at 87 – The New York Times

Toffler is quoted in this obit that was done specifically for it. That must be weird: to be interviewed for one’s obit.

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  1. I think perhaps she is referring to the hammering in the middle of the night (in relation to your blood pressure)… 🙂

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