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Yesterday I purchased an ebook copy of Jonathon Smucker’s Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radical. I think it might be my next read after Strangers in Their Own Land. 

It’s Wednesday morning and I feel like I needed Monday and Tuesday of this week to get a little space between me and my work. I’m not entirely sure it was effective but I did notice myself making the attempt.

Yesterday, I made an appointment for today to take my Mom to the doctor to have her ears cleaned. I would have preferred not to do this on a Wednesday but thought it was important enough to put on the schedule.

This morning I want to do some more planning for church. I am thinking of having the piano trio play something by a 16th century composer to match the lovely choral anthem I have scheduled for this weekend: “O Sing Joyfully” by Adrian Batten (1591-1637)

I’m thinking I can find a piece for four viols online and give the high part to the violin and the low part to the cello and play the middle two voices on the piano. That should be pretty easy and classy as well. For the postlude, I think I’m going to ask the trio to play a version of “Jesu, joy of man’s desiring.” That would require little prep on all our parts. We are sing the hymn,  Come with us, O Blessed Jesus Hymn 336 in the Hymnal 1982, as a second communion hymn Sunday.

Once again i sheepishly admit to choosing the hymn to fit the postlude I have in mind.

One of my sopranos (who was the choir director at Grace at one point) asked if we could sing Hassler’s “Quia vidisti me, Thomas” on Easter II. The following video starts with a short organ voluntary before the player stands up and conducts this piece.

I’m not certain she wanted to sing in Latin which is how I would like to do it. I think it would be cool to learn and sing on my remaining Second Sundays of Easter. So I want to put it in the choir’s folders today so we can begin rehearsal on it tonight.

I would also like to move a bit further ahead in the season with specific choral music choices since I’m only planned through Ash Wednesday which is March 1.

Roxane Gay: By the Book – The New York Times

This woman mentions a lot of books/authors I have read and admire. It would be worth checking out the ones she mentions I don’t recognize.

The author of this book sounds like a historian I might like to read.
Okay, I’ve never heard of this author. She sounds interesting.

President Bannon? – The New York Times

With this article I have starting tracking the Trump presidency by creating a label in my bookmarking system, something I have done with other presidents.


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