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I took my copy of Diane Arbus’s Untitled with me to work yesterday. My boss had mentioned that she was so intrigued by a link I had put up about Arbus on Facebooger that she was going to look for her work at the library. I offered to loan my books to her.

I own two collections of Arbus and was planning to loan both of them to Rev Jen. But I discovered that Matthew did not know her work. So I only loaned one to Jen and kept the other so that Matthew could look at it. He was favorably impressed.

I, too, am impressed with Arbus.

suspiciousI received an email from the real estate agent who helped us sell my Mom’s place yesterday. It did not have the red alert that you see above. This was there today when I went back to it. As you can see I emailed the  mailer saying I wanted more information before logging in (as the link asked me to do) with my Google password.

It looks like that was the right choice.

I was talking to Dawn my cellist yesterday. She mentioned she was looking for ways to lower her intake of sugar and carbohydrates. I told her that Devin Alexander has come up with a bunch of recipes that are both tasty and low in fats, sugars, etc.

I  sent her a link to Alexander’s web site which is quite extensive and even has some of her recipes in it. I also offered to loan her my copies of I can’t believe it’s not fattening and The most decadent diet ever. These are not strictly vegetarian cookbooks and Dawn is not a vegetarian, but there are vegetarian recipes among the meat ones.

I tend to think in very basic ways about food. Less processed is better. I tend to be skeptical of trends and fads in nutrition and stick with what I understand. I learned quite a bit from my undergrad class in Nutrition at Wayne State. The principles have helped me over the years despite changing science and attitudes.

Of course I still need to lose some weight for my blood pressure. This is VERY gradually happening.


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