blogging on a rainy sunday afternoon


Getting to my blog rather later than usual today. I slept in a bit. I did some Greek. I did it using the notebook I purchased for our trip to California and using the Kindle versions of my texts. I think it’s going to work fine that way.

Eileen got up before I had finished my Greek. We had breakfast and then it was time for church. It was raining hard so we drove to church. My piano trio played up a storm. All of the pieces were performed were excellent as far as i could tell. Attendance was down a bit probably due to the weather. But it is fun when the music is that good.


So here are the “after” pics of our fence. Ken left the posts and the cross beams.





This last pic is my favorite. I love that old tree.

Recipe for a Chinese Ritual Dish: Eggs, Time and Plenty of Urine – The New York Times

Yikes. This reminds me of an old polish woman I knew once who would wipe her face with wet diapers. Good for the complexion, she insisted.

Bring Moral Imagination Back in Style – The New York Times

I love this writer.  I woke up thinking about moral imagination and wondering where I had read about it. I thought it might have been a poem. Nope. This is the article. You can see how deeply this hits me.


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