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Got up this morning and changed my pattern a bit. Instead of blogging, I chose hymns for this Sunday again. I’m behind in my planning due to my increased schedule load, but the end is sight. This Friday is my last evening of ballet classes for the summer. Hooray!

Having said that, I am still enjoying this work quite a bit. The third instructor is pretty delightful. She has a gentle southern accent and a typical droll southern wit that puts the dancers at ease instantly. And of course she inspires them to dance better.

Last night she asked me if I was staying for the “foot class.”

I told her that I was there if she needed me and she replied that she wanted to make sure I got paid for my work. This totally endeared her to me.  She told me to take a ten or fifteen minute break and come back. I did so. Then I sat at ease and waited for her to ask me to play. She only did this once in the hour. I had to suspect she did it so that I would get paid for the hour.

At the end of both classes she seemed very  happy with my work, so that is good.

I made a list of the dance moves and exercises labeling them the way Paul Lewis did on one of his CDs:

Pre Plie Stretch slow 3/4
Pre Plie Tendu slow 2/2
Plies slow 3/4
Tendu moderately slow 2/4
Tendu from 5th moderate 2/4
Balancoir fast 3/4
Degage moderately fast 2/4
Fondue with Pique lively 2/4
Rond de Jambe slow 3/4
Fondu slow tango 2/4
Frappe fast 2/4
Barre Stretch slow tango 2/4
Petite Battements moderate 2/4
Rond de Jambe en L’air moderate 3/4
Gran Battements moderate march 2/4
Tendu moderate beguine 2/4
Traveling Tendu moderate tango 2/4
Adage slow 6/8
Pirouette 1 moderate tango 2/4
Pirouette 2 moderate waltz 3/4
Changement lively 2/4
Petite Allegro moderate 2/4
Grand Allegro moderately fast 3/4

I call it my “Ballet Cheat Sheet.” I printed it up and had it in front of me last night. I basically know this stuff, but it sure would have been good information when I first did this kind of work.

So I’m blogging from my Mom’s shrink’s office like I thought I might today. Had no problems logging on with my new laptop. Instead of Windows 98, it uses “Window 7 starter” whatever that is. I find each ensuing version of Windows I use is all that more cumbersome in that it tries (and fails) to anticipate my user needs. Sometimes it’s kind of a puzzle which is fine if I’m in the mood.

I figured out how to take the dang password off from the log-on yesterday, so that’s good. Could have used my little laptop last night while I was on break at college. But I hadn’t yet figured out how I got on the wireless network at Hope.  Figured this out this morning, so I’m set for this evening if my teacher does another “foot class” (that would be “pointe class).

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