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I’m sitting in a a room at Holland Hospital with Eileen. She is getting ready for her third (!) colonoscopy. It’s been a rough 24 hours for her. She has been prepping since Sunday. They have developed a more extended prep so that one doesn’t have to down a ton of the prep liquid all at once. I have had one colonoscopy. It’s not a fun deal, but one remembers very little about the actual procedure.

At Eileen’s last one, we suspect that she had an inept nurse who kept poking her IV. Eileen is a bit skittish about needles and began to faint. Dumb shits. But this time they seem to know that Eileen has this kind of history.

This poster is hanging on the wall in Eileen’s room. Nice.

We slept in our downstairs bedroom last night to make it a bit easier for Eileen.


I have my new schedule at Hope. It looks like it will be a bit easier. Only two days a week since they have abolished Friday dance classes. Plus instead of two gaps on Monday and Wednesday as I have now between 10 AM and 11 AM and again between noon and 2 PM, I will only have  the first one. It’s possible I will be asked to do one more class. So far it’s three on Monday and Wednesday. I think that Julie requests me since we work together pretty well. I know I enjoy working with her. But I can work easily with any of the teachers. They are all good.

Tomorrow I meet with my priest and my curates regarding their ordination as priests at our parish. I had an email from Jodi (one of them) requesting what looked like a song by Sufjan Stevens called “Vito’s Ordination Song.” I haven’t had many conversations with our curates. I really have no idea what their theology regarding worship is and have promised my boss to  be easy to work with at this point.

I passed the request along to the boss and replied that I was looking forward to meeting with her and her husband (the other curate) and the boss and figuring out this service.

If they do want the Stevens, I will suggest that I go to the trouble to arrange it for choir and instrumentalists and include as many parishioners as possible. This will be a pain but doable. The sooner I know the better. Here’s an embed of the tune.

I listened to it yesterday. I will purchase the music and transcribe it for my resources. Totally illegal but it’s the only way to do this, since I’m pretty sure there’s not a choral version available. (I just googled it)

Eileen’s IV is successfully installed. It was a difficult moment for her and the nurses, but she just told me that she is as light headed as she was the last time. That’s good news. “Now it’s all downhill,” she says.


I have set the entire day aside to attend to Eileen. If I can I will sneak off at some time and practice organ. I had a good rehearsal yesterday. While I was practicing Rhonda the AGO dean canceled the program we had scheduled for the evening. This meant that I could wash my hair after I exercised and not have to go back out into the cold.


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