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I guess Mark Casem or some other Comcast minion gets paid to google Comcast daily (Hi Mark!) because whenever I have mentioned my dissatisfaction with their service he has commented (see yesterday’s blog comments and probably today’s).

I emailed him my complaints (or whoever gets the email at address). Not hopeful much will change until I get off my butt and switch services. Mostly I am upset that somehow they changed their service (different corporate owner?) and about that time my bill skyrocketed (my original discount offer ended and apparently they weren’t offering anything else when I called. I ended up using less services. It’s still higher than the original bill. By a lot. Plus the internet goes down intermittently. Often at inconvenient times.)


I finished the string quartet transcription yesterday shortly before my ballet class. So that’s done.

Still haven’t landed on some Couperin for a week from Sunday’s organ music.

I forgot to put my piano lesson on my google calendar.

Subsequently, when my boss emailed me about a meeting I was supposed to attend at the time the lesson was scheduled, I just went to the meeting.

When I got home there was a message and an email from my student asking me about it. Oops.

He was pretty gracious and we rescheduled for next week. This time I put it on the google calendar.

My ballet instructor has asked for some Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff.

This is so tricky, because first I have to make sure any piece I offer has regular phrases (often music doesn’t have the regimented phrases needed for ballet class combinations), secondly she is probably not thinking of piano literature per se, but more popular symphonic and ballet themes in the style.

Tomorrow I am playing a mini concert at my  Mom’s nursing home. I have been too busy to learn much for it. I am thinking of playing the very first prelude (in C major) in Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. This is sort of a famous piece. Lots of piano students learn it. There’s the “Ave Maria” that Gounod put to it.

To make it interesting, I thought I would also play the fugue with it and put it into a bit of context to the audience.

Besides that, I’m thinking light classics (as well as the usual WWII pop music and hymns). I checked out some books yesterday from the library because I couldn’t find my own collections of this sort of stuff.

I’m going to check them for Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff themes as well.

This is my third Wednesday where I have an 8:30 AM class and an evening of church and rehearsals that ends around 9 PM. Long day for an old guy.


The Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America 1940 –

Found a handy online index this morning when I couldn’t find my Hymnal 1940.


Clarence Thomas Discusses His Life and the Court –

I couldn’t find mention of this public interview of this prominent conservative on a conservative news web site yesterday. Maybe I’m out of the loop, eh?


Louis Simpson, a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet, Dies at 89 –

Once again an obit inspires me to read someone who just died.


Speaking the Truth to the Vatican –

Positive Roman Catholic stuff in the news! Hey! It could happen!


Thurston Howell Romney –

Right of Center David Brooks takes apart Romney. Interesting.


‘Balanced’ News Reports May Only Inflame –

Fascinating insights into how we form and reform our opinions.


Catholics Then, Muslims Now –

A little historical perspective on our current hysteria.


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