best laid plans

I spent most of yesterday composing. Got up early this morning and got right back to it. I have been working on a piece for my piano trio to perform as a postlude on Feb 26.About twenty minutes ago I received a phone call from the cellist  saying she would have to leave early that day. This means no cello on the postlude. As I picked up the phone, I was struggling with the middle section of the piece as she called.

Now I don’t have to struggle, I guess. I could adapt it to just piano and violin. I’ve already done a little messing with this. I don’t think that’s going to work. Mostly I just feel like I got the breath knocked out of me. Ah well.  We’ll still do a movement from a Mozart piano trio as the prelude.

Eileen is home sick with a cold. I took her up some tea, juice and toast a little bit ago. I now have a bad case of the blahs. I have to meet with the pastoral staff at church this afternoon. We’re supposed to brain storm ways to work together better. I suppose I’ll muster some brain power for that.

I guess now I can concentrate on tasks that need to be done today, since there’s no need to finish this composition. I’m pretty funny about writing music. I like to write it for specific players to be played on a specific occasion.  I’ve actually been this way most of my life. Now this helps, because my work is so non-marketable.

Of course it would help if I would submit some of it for possible publication. But you can guess I’m not feeling too up for that right now.

On the up side, I had a lovely chat with my oldest daughter last night. She’s rockin in New York.


Mart’s Art is Not Just Smart | Standpoint

With a PR smoothichops leading the country and a circus barker as Mayor of London, must we go in for unseemly puffery in the arts as well.

I liked this quote. The link is to a review of a new bio of Martin Amis.


A Peaceful, But Very Interesting Pursuit – The

Interesting article on how T.S. Eliot actually enjoyed his day job.


Reading John Leonard: A Tribute | The Nation

boomarked to read.


Daddy Issues – Magazine – The Atlantic

Also bookmarked to read. This is about wanting your elderly father to just get over with and die.


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