beautiful slow summer monday morning



I did make Salata Mese for us after church yesterday. I only used half of the cheese and marinaded veggies so we can have it again today if we want.


At church, Jen announced that our curates have a gig at St. Philip’s, Beulah, Michigan. I think this is their last week. Jen announced we would honor them next week. I’m hoping they don’t seek a pow wow with Jen and me this week. The last few weeks have clarified for me how far apart our understandings of church and liturgy are. It would be difficult to talk to them constructively and helpfully about that at this point. But we’ll see.

I am continuing to enjoy learning about Aristophanes. I have started slowly reading the scholarly edition of The Clouds that I own in Greek. There are about 120 pages of introductory material before you get to the actual text of the play itself. They are written in typical dense, meaning-packed, scholarly prose and i find myself looking up words.


So far I have looked up stemmatology (the study of the transmission of texts, esp. in manuscript form), doxographer (a writer who collects and records opinions of the Greek philosphers…. doxa – opinion… grapher…. writer), and scholion (an explanatory note esp. on ancient Greek or Latin writers… schole …. Greek for “school”).


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