Beautiful Eileen’s 69th

I missed a couple days of blogging. Saturday I drove us back from Mark and Leigh’s. By afternoon, I was too tired to blog. Yesterday, the service went well and it didn’t take too much energy, but still I was too lazy to blog.

But here I am today.

The tree we bought in memory of  Mom is blooming like crazy.

Today is Eileen’s 69th birthday. I snuck over to Meijer to buy me a new French Press (old one broke) and took advantage to get Eileen some flowers and gifts. I told her the gifts were Meijer gifts and it was kind of like airport gifts.

For some reason rattling in my head is some kid who when he or she goes to the airport sees all the gifts their absent Dad brought for them on the shelves at the airport gift shops.

Unfortunately, I used my morning and haven’t done my daily stretches or exercises yet. I did do the dishes and picked hymns for next Sunday. I discovered that our Ritesong subscription is lapsed. Reported that to Mary and she is fixing it.

Parishioners continue to chat me up about retiring. Yesterday a woman asked me if I would continue to worship with them. I told her that unfortunately I wasn’t that religious. She was not happy. She said she would have to step away from our talk so she didn’t weep. : MONDAY Zero Alcohol Gin – A Non-Alcoholic Spirit for the  Spirited Ones - 750ml : Grocery & Gourmet Food

I have been getting non alcoholic booze ads in my Facebook feed. This might be a good idea if the gin is pretty tasty. Eileen ordered me a bottle.


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