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Eileen called yesterday to say that she was planning to stay three nights at Barb’s (in Montague?). So I’m on my own for a few days.

This morning I got up and after the usual morning stuff (dishes, coffee, Greek, Poetry, reading), set out for the Farmers Market. Dana Robinson, tomorrow’s recitalist, indicated that he would probably want to begin using the instrument around 10 AM. I grabbed some stuff at the market, came home put it away, and set off for church.

I managed to practice as  much as needed before Dana arrived. I went over to the church offices to work on the program for his recital and a poster for September recital.  I finished the program but didn’t hear back from daughter Sarah who usually designs the posters. No worries. I will post it once we get it done. I’m also planning to send out some press releases when the poster’s ready as well.

My doctor messaged me back. She keeps giving me the same instructions as though they are new. She has upped the one BP med I have left to a dose and half. She told me my BP was too high (this I knew) and to report back in three weeks so she can see how my BP is doing.

In the meantime, I am trying to lose weight. My weight is down a little. If I can lose some pounds I am hopeful that the BP will drop more. But who knows?

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Rhonda mentioned this book to me, so I checked out the library’s copy. As I have mentioned here recently, my views on Jazz are evolving.  I think that Chinen is examining the very questions that I have about Jazz and coming up with some interesting observations. He also lists off the “129 essential albums of the Twenty First Century (so far).” I love stuff like that. This morning I listened to the first album.

Image result for alasnoaxis jim black

Chinen says that if you work your way through the list (presumably in order of release which is the ways he list the albums), you’ll have a good impression of the contemporary state of the art.

Here’s a taste.

Also this morning, I discovered that the collection of Papers on Georgian Psalmody, the Gallery Tradition I have been reading refers to a bunch of recordings. I found some on YouTube.



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  1. Excited that you are reading the book! I just bought it for my brother too, but haven’t had time to read it yet, so I’ll be interested in hearing about it from you, and maybe I’ll check it out when you are done with it! 🙂

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